Environmental Policy


We are committed to recycling and reusing raw materials where possible.  We operate our business in a manner designed to minimize and reduce emissions to air, land and water.  Consequently our waste sawdust is used in a Ran-Heat Burner which heats all our premises, neighbouring premises  and our hot water.  We re-cycle unwanted off-cuts of material into wooden pet products i.e. rabbit hutches.  An incinerator  is on site which avoids putting any of our waste into landfill sites.

Local Environment

Being based in a small country hamlet and we are very aware of the impact of our business on the surrounding area.  Our traffic flow and any disturbance is monitored and kept to an absolute minimum.


F.W. Whitchurch Ltd recognizes its responsibility to its valued staff and great investment has been made into the health and safety of its working environment.  We have a designated health and safety officer and first aid officer who ensures up to date work practices are implemented.

Purchasing Policy

Any materials that are purchased are checked for their source and sustainability.