Wood Cutting Service

We offer an extensive wood cutting service using the latest models of first class computerized Holzma Beam Saws. Our experienced staff use the magicut optimizing system to convert your requirements as a cutting list into the most economical and suitable cutting plan. The plan is used to quantify the type and number of sheets plus cutting time for calculating the overall price. Once approved the data is transferred "online" to one of our two Holzma beam saws for cutting. We also offer a labeling system and can then label each piece with part number and/or descriptions if required.

Our operation specialises in cutting sheet material i.e.plywood, chipboard, mdf, OSB, MFC etc to size in all quantities from a few sheets to full loads. We also have a designated Double End Tenenor machine to provide tongue and groove on sheet material, together with two spindle moulders for various types of moulding

Fine Tolerances

Our reputation for offering an excellent, competitive and accurate service is well known throughout the wood industry. Accuracy and quality of the cut edge is extremely important and the accuracy required is achieved within tolerances of 0.2mm or better. We ensure our machinery is kept in first class condition and our blade sets are changed frequently to ensure the best cut for each process.

Competitive Pricing

We generally work on free issue materials i.e. we do not supply the materials but can advise where to purchase the required amount of wood. However we aim to give value for money for the quality cutting service that we offer, discounts are applied to larger orders. Because we can plan efficiently we can save time, excessive waste and reduce costs. In order to streamline planning we provide an Excel spreadsheet template for your completion after forwarding we will download to our magicut system to provide an accurate cutting plan.